French Cuisine at its Best

In our IGCSE French class we learned how to make different French recipes. We were split into groups of two. Our group made two quiches, one ‘Quiche Lorraine’ and one ‘Quiche Végétarienne’. The quiche lorraine was made with ham, fried with butter and onions. The quiche végétarienne had mushrooms fries in onion and butter as well as tomatoes. They were then baked in the oven for 40 minutes and in the end we all enjoyed the different meals together.

Aurora 9KF, Annik 9BS

We prepared a traditional apple tarte for the class. As we are 11 people in the class, we decided to make two tartes. First, we prepared the dough and put it into the forms. Next, we placed the sliced apples onto the tarte. To finish both tartes, we cooked throughout a whole double lesson, in which we were only allowed to speak french. This made the experience a bit more difficult, but we soon got the hang of it and it was a lot of fun.

Laura 9GD, Maren 9GD

We made a creme brulee during our French class. It was really entertaining to work with a French recipe with other members of the class. We used milk, creme, eggs, and vanilla aroma. Other students seemed to enjoy our dish as much as we enjoyed theirs. Experiencing French cuisine with our classmates was memorable.

Ziad 9GD, Moritz 9GD

We prepared a salad together. We had a lot of fun doing that. And we enjoyed the experience having to speak french while cooking. In the salad was mozzarella, tomatoes, paprika, herbs, cucumber and vinaigrette. We made the vinaigrette by ourselves and it was really good,.

Haruki 9BS, Maria Helena 9GD

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