Ferdi had to be patient the last few days, we just had too much rain. But yesterday the sun came out in the afternoon and that was the chance to start shaping up the area where the stage will be built and digging the holes for the foundation. Jörg and Ferdi choose Robinia wood which is very robust and often used for outdoor playgrounds. It is also very heavy… Ferdi, while carrying these big pieces please be careful with your back!!!

Garden Stage: Part I

More and more CAS projects and experiences are talking place in the school garden. We would love to tell you about one project which is currently happening: Ferdinand (12. Grade) took over the coordination and building of a “Garden Stage”.

With the great support of Jörg Klepsch a professional carpenter and parent from primary school Ferdi got the confidence to leave his tiny stage idea and turn it into a big, long lasting wooden platform, which will be used for many years. After a lot of planning and cold winter months its all becoming real now. Last weekend Ferdi and his team Leon and Samuel prepared the wood in Jörg’s workshop in Markkleeberg.

This week they will start working in the garden. Very exciting progress! Stay tuned.

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