Social Distancing in Outdoor Spaces, Leipzig

The University of Leipzig, Institute of Urban Development and Construction (ISB) approached us with the request to spread the news of their survey. Taking the time to fill out this survey will help inform how policy makers understand societal priorities in times of crisis. Read more below. (scroll down for German version)

As COVID-19 disrupts our daily routines and distances us from one another, there is an urge to monitor what is happening right now and learn from the fundamental change of behaviour in our lives. Today, May 3rd, marks a loosening of lockdown measures in Germany. Adaptation, however, could already be observed by taking a close look at the collective intelligence at play. People have found ways to organise their lives, balancing health priorities and social needs. Recording this intelligence now could inform decisionmakers on how we can conceive of healthy, resilient cities, connecting physical distancing with a revitalised community atmosphere.
Help the Institute of Urban Development and Construction (ISB) University Leipzig record the collective intelligence at play in Leipzig in outdoor spaces, by filling the bilingual 6-min online-survey: HERE.
Spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues!

On March 22nd, the German government decided to lockdown cities and enforced social distancing to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Since then, the lockdown has forced us to reinvent ourselves, our relation with one another, to reinvent the city. Outdoor spaces, public and/or private, keys to socialization, have been strained.

In this survey, we want to look at how, for the last two weeks of the lockdown, people use outdoor spaces and how they interact with one another.

This survey is conducted by the Institute for Urban Development and Construction Science (ISB) at University Leipzig. The data will be treated anonymously and confidentially in compliance with DSGVO.

Thank you for your help!

Seit dem 22. März befindet sich Leipzig im Lockdown und es gilt ein weitreichendes Kontaktverbot (Social Distancing), geknüpft an verschiedene Ausgangsbeschränkungen, mit dem Ziel die weitere Ausbreitung der COVID-19-Pandemie zu verhindern.
Seitdem sind wir gezwungen uns selbst, unsere Beziehungen zueinander und die Stadt neu zu erfinden. Urbane und private Freiräume, normalerweise Orte sozialer Interaktion und Begegnung, werden auf die Probe gestellt.
Mittels einer zweisprachigen UMFRAGE möchten wir, das Institut für Stadtentwicklung und Bauwirtschaft der Universität Leipzig, herausfinden, wie Bewohner und Bewohnerinnen in Leipzig während der Ausgangsbeschränkungen urbane und private Freiräume nutzen und zueinander in Kontakt treten.

Mehr Informationen über das Projekt.
Die Umfrage dauert etwa 6 Minuten. Über die Weiterleitung des Umfragelinks an Freunde
& Freundinnen, Kollegen & Kolleginnen und Bekannte in Leipzig freuen wir uns sehr.

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