Last Day at School for Class of 2020

Despite the unusual restrictions the Class of 2020 were able to have a send-off on their very last official day of school.

Mr Allen said a few words of praise and appreciation to the students assembled in the gym this afternoon. It has been a particularly trying time these last few weeks as our students were not able to write regular exams and it was only a few weeks ago that we as a school learned that the International Baccalaureate final grade would still be issued and that students could apply to German universities with that final diploma.

Today was a moment for a collective sigh of relief and joy. Against all expectation, students were able to assemble today to say goodbye to their teachers and teachers were able to say farewell to their students.

The Gift Committee presented all the Grade 12 teachers with a bouquet of flowers and a gift along with a few words of affection and appreciation.

It is always moving to see a group of students who have grown up before our eyes reap the reward of their hard work and move on to the next phase of their lives. We count ourselves lucky that the regulations permitted this coming together today. We are equally grateful that we will be able to offer a graduation ceremony on the 10th of June that, while not what we are accustomed to, will still honor our students appropriately.

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