LIS Farmers Market – CAS Project A Moment of Joy

Which project did you choose and why?

In the course of our two-year CAS curriculum, we are expected to attempt a chosen project. We decided to get involved in the LIS-Farmers-Market, as it creates a fundamental basis of our schools Outdoor-Classroom aka School-Garden. Due to the lasting pandemic, we have sadly only managed to attempt one event – the Farmers-Market on the school’s play ground.

What was the aim of the project?

The great thing about the Framers-Market is that incorporates a bunch of aims not solely one. The most obvious aim of the event is to acquire capital in order to expand and turn the school garden into an even better place than it already is. Nevertheless, the most important aim of the entire project is to give future generations a platform to become creative and see their work on display. Lastly, the children have the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge about the environment, which sadly looses value in our modern society.

How did your personal values influence the choice of the project?

There are several reasons why we decided to participate in the project. First of all, we appreciate the school garden as we have used it over the past years and saw it grow from day to day, hence are keen to contribute towards its growth. Furthermore, we are convinces that the future generations lack a connection to nature, which is somehow reduced through the market. Lastly, we though that our sense of organization and responsibility supports the project, making us think that we could do good and help the school’s community.

What did we hope to learn?

Admittedly, we did not approach the project expecting to learn something new. We though that we could expand our skill regarding management and organization. Nevertheless, we were proven wrong. In the course of the project, we faced a number of tasks which we had to get our heads around first, in order to successfully complete the given job; this includes photoshop. We have been asked to redesign the Farmers-Market logo, which we successfully managed to after a bunch of failures and research.

How successful have we been?

Determining the degree of success is always difficult. One has to, firstly, agree upon how success is measured. In regards to the fiscal aspects of the project, we are convinced that we were successful. The Farmers-Market event we got involved in was in fact the most profitable of all according to Gitte Vogel. The raised finances now contribute well towards the school-garden, giving it the opportunity to expand further. Under the social aspect, we have been successful too. The children we entertained and played nature related games with during the course of the event all seemed happy, strongly engaged and appreciative. Not to mention the parents and customers that came along and helped, all seemed to be strongly positive too and convinced that the event is a positive contribution towards the International School community.

What difficulties did we encounter and how did we overcome them?

As mentioned earlier, some tasks involved were quite challenging and needed some prior research before getting our head around them. Nevertheless, the most challenging part of the project was the time-management with the parallel running IB-Diploma program. As an IB student, time is limited already. Having to organize and run a project, study and get stuck into school related work in addition to seeking for some freetime at the end of the day indeed required a range of organization. Organization is probably the answer to the question of how we overcame the prime difficulty of time management.

What did we learn about ourselves? What did we learn about other people?
In fact we did not learn anything very new, though experienced proof of aspects of life that we were already aware of, including that opinions vary from human to human, as interpretation and point of views are different for everyone.

What abilities and attitudes have we developed?

As we are 18 and 19 years old, we feel it is fair to claim that we have already developed set abilities and attitudes which won’t change in the near future. We feel that these abilities and attitudes can only be enhanced, just as values and view points. Therefore, in regards to the project itself, we would identify the ability to collaborate and implement different opinions as having further developed.

Did anyone help me?

The Farmers-Market is a project that has been a part of the school for quite some time now, which we just got involved with in 2020. Therefore, partners and helpers were already present and ready to contribute, which we had to simply mobilize and address. This ranged from the „Hausmeisters“, to the marketing department, the parents, the children and of course Gitte Vogel. All of these people formed and contributed towards the success of the event, which we are thankful for having helped.

How did this activity benefit others?

As already mentioned, the market benefits the entire school community as the event a) is basis for the finance of the school-garden, which can be used by anyone who is part of LIS b) the growth of the children, enhancing their bond and appreciation of nature.

What would I change if I were to do this again?

As we were only responsible for the organization of the project and not the actual craftsmanship of the products offered, we would defiantly get involved in the making of them. Nevertheless, as we are active students, time is limited and we have other things we anticipate too. Therefore, the process of making products ourselves was and still maintains unrealistic to the point in time.

What can I apply what I have learned to other situations?

The developed skill of organization and coordination, as well as the skill of photoshop, may and will defiantly be relevant and important in the near and distant future.

What part/moment of the experience convinced you that is was worth putting your energy into the project?

Very simple: the day of the event, seeing the joy of all stakeholders.

Aaron Kubel & Anton Schweitzer

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