LIS supports Leipzig Zoo – African Lions

As the Zoo has been closed for a large part of the past year due to Corona regulations Leipzig International School management decided to support this local treasure through the sponsorship of one of the African lions.

It is important that we support not just our own community but also the wider community. We as an international school feel we have an ally in an institution that also furthers the principals of education, internationality and global responsibility. It is therefore our pleasure to take on an Animal Sponsorship for an animal so relevant to our city and to our school. The LIS lion sponsors the Leipzig Zoo lion.

Did you know that African lions are the only community orientated cats? Yet another reason to feel affiliated to these beautiful animals. The Leipzig Zoo is, historically, one of the biggest lion breeding institutions. Over the years more than 2300 lions have been born there and in 2001 the new lion enclosure Makasi Simba was opened, where one can watch the lions in their daily activities.

The Leipzig Zoo has kindly allowed us to let an entire class visit the zoo for free once annually at the start of the school year, as a thank you for our sponsorship. We are very pleased to be able to show that we are an active part of the rich cultural landscape of our lovely city.

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