Visit from Minister of Education

Leipzig International School received a visit from City Council Member and Bundestag Candidate Jessica Heller together with the Saxon Minister of Culture, Christian Piwarz. Head of School, Brandie Smith, and Commercial Director, Johannes Barabas, showed them around campus and answered all their questions.

They were interested in our multilingual, interdisciplinary work and experiencing first hand, our ethos of putting students well-being at the forefront of our work. Of special interest was the fact that we have a school nurse permanently on staff.

Minister of Education, Christian Piwarz, Head of School, Brandie Smith, City Council Member, Jessica Heller, Head of School and Education Work-Group CDU, Holger Gasse, Commercial Director, Johannes Barabas

In Germany, this has so far only existed as a model project at state schools in Hesse and Brandenburg. They hope to make this concept better known. The value this service has in providing care for injured or chronically ill children, as well as in education and prevention is enormous. School nurses are also good contacts and enable low-threshold access to further help, e.g. Social work and psychological counseling.

It is not only since the outbreak of corona that we have known and cherished our school nurse. Having a medical professional on staff has been invaluable during this pandemic and we are so grateful for the diligent, structured and sunny work our school nurse Aoife Belfield has offered for our school and our kindergarten campuses. She also did a wonderful job of illustrating her work to our esteemed visitors.

School Nurse, Aoife Belfield

Photos by Franziska Ebert

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