Head of School: Brandie Smith

Areas of responsibility: School, School Office and Teaching Staff

The Head of School is responsible for all aspects of staffing and education throughout the school (Early Childhood, Primary School, Hort, Secondary School). Each school section has a leader who reports directly to the Head of School.

Commercial Director: Johannes Barabas

Areas of responsibility: Finance, Facilities, ICT, Business Office and Admin Staff

The Commercial Director is responsible for all business and facility management aspects of the school. Together with the Head of School, he oversees finances, facility management, ICT, marketing and communication.

Leipzig International School gGmbH

The gGmbH (company with limited liability) is the legal organisation which owns and governs the school. The company is a charitable company (gemeinnützig) and is managed by the Head of School and Commercial Director (managing directors).
The Head of School and Commercial Director are looking forward to interacting with interested parents. They are currently inviting interested parents from all school sections to contribute to the schools purpose within a new parent representative format. Parent representatives will have the opportunity to meet regularly in the future with school management. We are working actively to involve parents in the development of the school and the activities of the whole school team. 

Stiftung Leipzig International School

This charitable trust is a legal form that guarantees the continued existence of the school into the future, guarded over by the Stiftungsaufsicht of the state of Saxony. The Stiftungsaufsicht is the body which ensures that trusts are managed within the context of their statutes and in particular with the declared purposes of the trust, the principal one of which is to maintain and promote Leipzig International School. The trust has a Board whose tasks are to exercise the rights of the Trust as the only shareholder of the School, the GmbH, and to support the school in accordance with the aims set out in its statutes.

Our Board members are (in alphabetical order):

  • Mr Elio Curti 
  • Mr Patrik Fahrenkamp
  • Mr Axel Möring

Areas of responsibility:

  • Strategic planning and ensuring the long-term development of LIS
  • Overseeing the financial affairs and facilities of the school and approving the LIS budget
  • Appointing and evaluating the performance of the Directors



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Brandie Smith
Head of School

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F: +49 341 39377 900 500

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Johannes Barabas
Commercial Director

T: +49 341 39377 610
F: +49 341 39377 900 500

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