Dear Parents

While Leipzig International School helps its students grow into citizens of the world, for their parents we are not merely the designated local school to which they must send their children.  We are a school of choice, and a community for the whole family. 

There will be a steady stream of communication from us as we plan a range of activities involving parents, including book readings, excursions, flea markets, school festivals and open air concerts and other seasonal events. Parents stay informed by reading our e-mail newsletter, the LIS Ticker, sent out every two weeks, and our online school magazine, the LIS Observer.

Finally, to help with practical questions regarding our fascinating city, see our Community Handbook Easy Leipzig for plentiful information about living and working here. Printed copies are available at the Marketing Department (located in the loft office).

Parents are always welcome to stop by and chat: you can find us at school with or without a pre-arranged appointment.

We look forward to meeting you personally!

Best regards,

Liane Lindenlaub & Helena Putsch
Marketing Department

Activities for Parents

Parents can play an active role in shaping our community. If you have children enrolled at LIS you are automatically a member of the Parent Association (PA). The PA is a thriving group of parents dedicated to building a sense of community within the school. Discover the following pages and find out in which wonderful activities you can get involved: Sports Club, Schoolgarden, Book Club, Choir and more.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to help develop activities in the LIS community. Whether you have a lot of spare time or a little, your input is important. In order to develop ideas we need your suggestions, experience and participation.

It is not hard to find educational research verifying that parental involvement is a critical factor in a child's educational success. A positive home-school relationship benefits children and their families - Parental presence at school is welcomed here.

Parent volunteers in the classroom can make a number of valuable contributions, including:

  • reading with small groups or individual students (building up reading circles)
  • working with children on special projects
  • tutoring in science, languages or IT
  • assisting children with homework
  • helping with preparations for activity
  • publishing and putting together student books
  • helping with special art projects or student talent shows
  • organising games of softball, football, volleyball, basketball
  • helping with the organisation of events like the back-to-school party, International day, sports days, etc.

Homeroom Parents

At the beginning of each school year two or more homeroom parents are elected in each class to liaison between the homeroom teachers / form tutors and students' families. The room parents of each section then elect one or more section representatives amongst them for the school year to liaison between the home room parents and the school Principal.

... Last But Not Least ...

If you are looking to enroll your child(ren) at LIS and are still in the process of making your way to Germany, then please feel free to contact our Welcome Committee by clicking on the contact button in the blue box and send an email. They’d love to hear from you and help where they can. 

Contact us

Liane Lindenlaub &
Helena Putsch
Marketing Department

T: +49 341 39377 632/633
F: +49 341 39377 900 500

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LIS Welcome Committee

The LIS Welcome Committee cooperates with those who are willing to serve as resource and contact to families new to Leipzig: they aim to be especially useful to families arriving from abroad, by helping them find their way around and make contact with others from their country of origin or speaking their language(s).

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