2nd Place in a Nation-Wide Garden Competition

LIS School Garden wins 2nd Place (of 37 submissions) in a nation-wide garden competition. An initiative called "Wir Tun Was Für Bienen" (We're doing something for the bees) created the competition for any organisation doing something to improve their surroundings to aid the bees.

Ms Gitte submitted our entry along with a lovely catalogue of all the work that has gone into transforming the hidden gem that was our school garden into what it is today.

This is another great triumph for her and the whole team who work hard to make our LIS Garden such a lovely place for the school community to be.

Please see all details here:

Our School Garden

The LIS school garden is a wonderful, wild, green space next to our school. We started to invest time and energy into the garden in August 2018. Since then teachers, students and parents are happily using it as an outdoor classroom or a meeting point for community based activities.

We believe that the school garden helps our students to connect with the natural world and the  source of their food. Each grade in Primary school is responsible for one of the beds and experiments with growing their own vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Besides teaching the students gardening basics, they automatically improve personal and social skills as well as explore other subjects, such as math, science, art, health and physical education in a different context.

With the weekly Garden Workouts Gitte has gotten other parents involved and given many the chance to get involved in something rewarding while also getting to know other members of the LIS community. Everyone does what they can. The location is used as an outdoor classroom and is equipped with benches and blackboard but also as a place to just get students and parents to follow the delights of watching things grow.

Getting their hands dirty, exercising their green thumbs and seeing the literal fruits of their labor is
all part of the joy of being in the garden. For their efforts, all volunteers are allowed to take home
a portion of the harvest.

Our school garden gives us space to get together as a community, away from jobs and other commitments. Frequently, we catch up with each other to see how everyone is doing. Garden workout, Garden Academy, end of year parties or picnics - there are many ways our garden can be used for the community with its creative, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.

You are very welcome to join us and share your ideas!!!


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If you enjoy gardening and community work, please come along and enjoy the fun. Tools, coffee, tea and professional guidance will be provided. Everyone is very welcome!

Every Tuesday from 8:30-10:30

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