We are happy to introduce the candidates for the election of the PA leadership team:


Voting is open from 00:01 Friday 14th June 2019 until 23:59 Monday 17th June 2019. All LIS parents have received a one-time code via email with which they can cast their vote anonymously, in our online voting portal, for their top three candidates.

The overall top three candidates will be voted in as First Co-Chair, Second Co-Chair and Treasurer. In order to support school events that require extensive planning and preparation, the PA leadership team will be voted in for a term of 2 years. The First Co-Chair will assume the main responsibilities for the first year and the Second will take over in the second year. Please see Bylaw Document in the download section for further information.

We are excited to see how our parents will take up this communal task we all have of educating our students and supporting the international school concept.

Follow this link to the voting ballot. Remember to check your emails for the authentication code.



The PA leadership team will consist of the following elected positions:

-       First Co-Chair

-       Second Co-Chair

-       Treasurer

In addition, any LIS parents are welcome to establish committees around specific topics, projects or events in cooperation with the Leadership Team. Please see the PA Bylaw Document in the download box for further information.


Topics that might interest you