Our admissions policy is grounded in our desire to provide quality education to all the students we admit. Leipzig International School is committed to being a diverse institution, including students of any ethnicity, mother tongue and socio-economic background when they can thrive and profit from an education at the school. 

Reduced Fees

Leipzig International School provides reductions in fees to families who demonstrate that they cannot otherwise afford the regular school fees. Financial aid is available for at least 25% of spaces.

Applications for reduced fees are reassessed annually. To gain further information on the topic of school fees, please look here.

Learning Disabilities & Academic Support

Leipzig International School is not a special needs school. Parents are asked to clarify any support issues with their application. LIS has a Learning Support Department. If an applicant requires additional learning support in order to thrive, a place will only be offered if an educational programme that meets the student’s needs can be provided and the admission will not detract from the education of other students.

In addition, the school offers support with English as additional language (EAL) and German as additional language (GAL) as part of the curriculum, up to Grade 10.

 As long as there is open and honest communication during the application process, we can offer guidance and discuss educational options for students who need extra academic support.



The Admissions Department processes all enrolment, re-enrolment and leaving matters. Admissions decisions are made in accordance with our admissions policy. The school is open to all students and our admissions policy is non-discriminatory.

Admission to Grades 10 and 12 is possible under certain conditions in order to achieve the best possible results in the final phase of the two-year ICGSE or IB Diploma Programme.

Parents apply for admission on behalf of their children. Applications can only be made online through the LIS Online Application System. Students can be considered for admission at any time.

Applicants are deemed admissible if they are the right age and/or are adequately prepared for the applicable grade level. Previous schooling, academic and behavioural history will be taken into account in our decision making process. At least two recent report cards and previous school records will be requested.

The learning needs of all applicants have to be clarified before admission. Students may be admitted provisionally, particularly when there has been a delay in receiving records from previous schools or if there is uncertainty about whether the placement will be successful.

Families offered a place at LIS are asked to respond within two weeks. If there is no response within that time, we may offer the space to another student on the waiting list.

Taster Day

If an applicant is considered suitable and we have available capacity, we offer a taster day, where possible, to get to know them first hand and allow them insight into our school environment and everyday routines. Where necessary, English and Mathematics students’ skill and grade level placement can be assessed.

All staff involved in the taster day will subsequently give feedback on the performance and behaviour of the student. The final decision to accept or decline the application of a student rests with the Principal of the school section in conjunction with the Head of School.


Once an applicant has been accepted, the parents will receive a contract and a fees schedule. Only upon receipt of the administration fee and once the school has received a copy of the contract signed by both parents, will the place in our school be reserved. We reserve the right to determine the most suitable grade for incoming students.

Our policy is to admit up to 20 students per class at the beginning of any given school year, to ensure the quality of the educational programme we offer. During the school year we may increase the size to a maximum of 24 students on a temporary basis, in order to accommodate internationally mobile families (see Admissions Priority Categories).


Leipzig International School offers an opportunity to learn in English, in a diverse international community. The school is organised into three sections: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School.

Please note the minimum enrolment age is as follows:


Nursery 0 & 1 (Age 1-2): We admit children from the age of 1.
Nursery 2 (Age 2-3): 2 years old from the 31 August.
Early Years 0 & 1 (Age 3-4): 3 years old from the 31 August.
Early Years 2 (Age 4-5): 4 years old from the 31 August.
Early Years 3 (Age 5-6): 5 years old from the 31 August.


Leipzig International School teaches the Cambridge Primary Programme and International Primary Programme. In the UK, students are admitted into Grade 1 at the age of 5. In Germany, this is only possible with individual testing and permission from the state authorities. In order to maintain our alignment with the Cambridge system we renamed our grade levels according to German norms. Thus our Early Years 3 would be Year 1 in the UK and our Grade 1 = Year 2 in the UK.

In Secondary School we teach the Cambridge International Curriculum from Grade 6 – 10 and the Grade 11 and 12 the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.

We do accept children into Grade 1 who have not had any previous formal schooling other than Kindergarten.

Visiting our School

We will be delighted to meet you and take you around the school! Contact us to make an appointment.



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