We keep you updated

Good communication is a key to making sure that you start positively at LIS and that we build up good parent/school relationships. Within this section and on the following subpages you will find all our News, Calendars,  the Media about LIS and information which we hope keep you updated and provide you with information about our upcoming events and projects.


Main Way of Communication

The main way that the school will communicate with you is via our online Parent Portal, which can be accessed through the school website. This parent portal will contain letters from the teachers and the Principals and will be updated regularly. The Parent Portal also has the advantage of storing all documents so that you can always go back and refer to previous letters, as they will remain on your page.
The Parent Portal is a safe and individualised environment, which means that you will be able to log in as a parent with a unique password and this will give you access to information related to your child/ren.

Please find all our Channels of Communication at LIS & LIK here.


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