Parent Association

Founded in August 2019, the Parent Association (PA) is a thriving group of parents dedicated to building a sense of community across all sections of LIS. We aim to nurture a warm and welcoming vibe around the whole school community. 

Parent volunteers play a very important role in our school life: with our varied talents and interests, every single contribution can go a long way to enriching our children’s school experience. Check out how to get involved.

The PA is led by three volunteer members of the parent community, elected by all parents every two years.


We hold regular meetings to bring together the various community building initiatives and foster communication and collaboration between these groups. All parents are warmly invited to our meetings, even if not directly involved in one of the PA groups. The structure of the PA can be found here.

We use the free and secure Classlist app to facilitate easy communication between parents.  See the document in the right-hand box to get more information.


Classlist QR Code to get registered:

If you have children enrolled at the school you are automatically a member of the PA. Any parent can volunteer to support the aims and development of the PA. 

The PA does not receive funding from the school and therefore relies entirely on donations to fund PA-sponsored activities and programmes. You can also email the PA to make a donation that will strengthen PA programmes and activities. Check out how to get involved.



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