Subject Coordinator for Primary English (m/f/d) - internal applicants only

Start: 01 January 2020 or later
Contract: Time-limited contract for two years with the possibility of an extension
Additional Remuneration: Stipend (1,500.00 EUR) per school year
Release Time: 3 periods per week
Section: Primary

We are looking for a Subject Coordinator for Primary English (m/f/d) as of 01 January 2020.
The Subject Coordinator is a teacher leader in Primary School who is responsible for the implementation, documentation and development of the curriculum for a particular subject area. The Subject Coordinator provides all teachers with guidance and leadership without having a department to lead as such.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

School Leadership Responsibilities
  • Participate in Primary Coordinator meetings as necessary.
  • Have a depth of knowledge about the delivery of the subject(s) across Primary School and be able to advise Principal on curriculum and assessment practises in place within the primary school.
  • Lead workshops for primary staff related to areas of development for the subject.
Subject Responsibilities
  • Produce an annual development plan for the subject, which highlights key areas to focus on for the subject, with details of how this will be achieved, time frames and success criteria.
  • Ensure that colleagues are aware of any changes to the curriculum and that they understand the effect this will have on practice.
  • Ensure that subject teaching and practice is coherent with the school’s statement of principles.
  • Ensure that year development plans are updated and available
  • Ensure consistency in curriculum delivery and grading policy within grade levels within the subject area.
  • Ensure that year plans and other curriculum documents are updated, available and used.
  • Visit classrooms to observe and support the consistency of curriculum delivery through giving feedback. (2 sets of walk-throughs should be scheduled a year where at least 6 classes are visited. There is also the option of more formal observations if either party requests it and feels it would be supportive.)
  • To act as a professional mentor to new members of the department and to be available as a mentor for established department members.
  • To support the Grade planning for the delivery of the subject across the school section through ‘Meet the Coordinator’ meetings, attending Grade meetings and looking at the weekly planning.
  • Encourage the sharing of good practice and different learning strategies related to the subject area.
  • Review the assessments that are used across the school section, analysis data and use data to highlight priorities and pupil progress.
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are available to allow for the effective teaching and learning in the subject area.
  • Provide feedback to the Principal about the effectiveness of the teaching and learning in the curriculum area across the school section.
  • Ensure that the subject budget line is used effectively and not overspent.
  • Liaise across the school sections to ensure the vertical alignment of the curriculum.

Community Responsibilities
  • When asked, contribute information about the subject for information evenings, workshops for parents, web sites (course guides), information booklets, L.I.S. Observer, etc.
  • Plan and organise special subject related days or activities within the primary school calendar.
Staffing Responsibilities
  • Recommend suitable professional development for teaching in the subject area.
Strong skills in English as well as excellent leadership and communication skills.

Main Working Relationships:
Section Principal and Assistant Principal, other subject coordinators in Primary, primary teachers, Heads of Department in Secondary, Kindergarten colleagues, admin staff.

The LIS strives for equal distribution of gender as well as for diversity.
The position will be filled as soon as the suitable candidate is identified.
Please apply only via our online application tool.

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