Catering at our Kindergartens

On each operating day for those families who participate in the meal service programme, the GFB Catering GmbH provides food and beverages to the children of the Leipzig International Kindergarten, and the Leipzig Gourmet Kids GmbH provides food and beverages to our Käferhaus Kindergarten. It is very important to us that due to the short delivery time of the meals, the time from preparing the food to serving it on the plates only takes one hour. The use of seasonal and regional products is also of great importance.


  • Nursery 1 and 2 children will be offered a meal plan including both breakfast and lunch.
  • Early Years children may choose a lunch-only meal plan (breakfast is provided by parents).
    Special meal requirements and food restrictions may be noted on the contract.
  • The parents/guardians entering into this contract order meal service for their child on each day of operation. 
  • If the child is not to eat on a particular day (ex. due to sickness or vacation), it is the responsibility of the parents to cancel the order on that day.
  • You may cancel meal services at any time by logging in to the caterer’s online ordering system using the Login information. Cancellation of meal orders with the caterer is also possible via email, phone or fax until 08:00 on the day for which the order needs to be cancelled.

Catering at Könneritz Campus (Primary and Secondary School)

The caterer Leipzig Gourmet Kids GmbH provides modern and international food while allowing for nutritious choice in accordance with health needs and religious preferences, meeting the norms of the German nutrition society (DGE).





How to order meals?

  • Orders are to be placed through an online system: by 8:00 am one full working day before the day of service (ex. Tuesday before 8:00 am for service on Wednesday or by 8:00 am on Friday for service the following Monday).
  • Orders may be cancelled until 8:00 am on the day of service.
  • An English speaking agent is available at the caterer for requests/inquiries.

How much do meals cost?

Two different price levels (taking age-appropriate portion sizes into account):

  • for students in Grades 1-4: 3.85€ per meal, incl. salad/fruits;
  • for students in Grades 5-12/adults/staff members: 3.95€ per meal, incl. salad/fruits

Families with "Bildung und Teilhabe" entitlement receive discounted meals with processing through the caterer.

How to enrol in the school lunch programme?

  • Parents need to sign an agreement with 'Leipzig Gourmet Kids' in order for their child(ren) to join the lunch programme.
  • Contracts in English or German and further information (English or German) are available through Leipzig Gourmet’s website. (under School catering LIS).
  • Sign, scan and send agreements to Leipzig Gourmet Kids (preferably) by email or by regular post.
  • Chips (with keychain) will be issued by the caterer (10,-€ for the first and any additional lost/damaged chip) and sent by mail after registering with the company.

Please do not hesitate to contact the caterer for further questions by email.
There is an English-speaking contact at +49 (341) 33 75 52 68 (08:00-12:00 on working days) or call the regular German contact line +49 (341) 33 75 52 67. Outside office hours an answering machine will record incoming calls.



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Khet Khet Burger/
Alena Walker
Leipzig International Kindergarten

T: +49 341 39377 570

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GFB Catering GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 11
04178 Leipzig

T: +49 341 4 48 21 10
F: +49 341 4 48 21 14

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Leipzig Gourmet Kids GmbH
Könneritz Campus
English-speaking contact (08:00-12:00 on working days)

T: +49 341 33 75 52 68
F: +49 341 33 75 52 66

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