Head of School

Areas of responsibility: School, School Office and Teaching Staff

The Head of School is responsible for all aspects of staffing and education throughout the school (Early Childhood, Primary School, Hort, Secondary School). Each school section has a leader who reports directly to the Head of School.


Commercial Director

Areas of responsibility: Finance, Facilities, ICT, Business Office

The Commercial Director is responsible for all business and facility management aspects of the school. Together with the Head of School, he oversees finances, facility management, ICT, marketing and communication.



Ownership and Management Association

The Trägerverein is the legal organisation which owns and governs the School. The Association is a charitable organisation (gemeinnützig) and is managed by the Board of Governors (Vorstand des Trägervereins). The Board of Governors employs the Head of School and Commercial Director to operate the school.



Supporting Association of the Leipzig International School

The Förderverein is a non-profit association for the promotion of the school. It helps to channel additional moral and financial support to the School. The Förderverein also elects a board to conduct its day-to-day activities.

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