Dear Parents

We at Leipzig International School benefit from a strong and active community and celebrate the many opportunities that allow us to come together. We organize a variety of social activities and information sessions for students and parents throughout the year such as beginning of school year events, end of year events, family fun events, seasonal events, anniversaries, concerts and musicals, fairs, open days and many more. We also regularly host visiting schools for sporting and music events and competitions.
All of these initiatives strengthens our bond as a community. There is a steady stream of communication from us and parents stay informed by reading our bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, the LIS Ticker, our school magazine, the LIS Observer as well as our LIS Observer online magazine.

At LIS, we work together to promote the health, well-being, and learning of all students. Our goal is to develop a strong sense of community. Particular emphasis is made on improving communication, honoring other cultures, being hospitable, connecting families and fostering community partnerships.

In all these efforts the school is actively supported by the Leipzig International School Parent Association (PA). Our dedicated PA volunteers actively support and promote the integration of parents, teachers and students into the LIS community. The PA is an independent, non-profit organisation run solely by volunteer parents whose mission is to support the members of the LIS community.

The LIS community aims for consistent involvement and a strong and effective partnership with our families at all levels of the school, and nurture a warm and welcoming vibe around the school.

Please explore the following pages and find out more about the Leipzig International School Parent Association (PA) and how you can get involved.



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LIS Marketing Department:
Liane Lindenlaub/
Helena Putsch

T: +49 341 39377 632/633
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PA Leadership Team
Nicola Edger
Babette Gaida
Gitte Vogel-Sirin

T: +49 341 393 77 737
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