Next Parent Association Meeting

  • 04 March 2020
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • LIS staff room (ground floor)


If you have children enrolled at the school you are automatically a member of the PA. The PA is a thriving group of parents dedicated to building a sense of community within the school. There’s no obligation to attend any meetings but of course any parent can play an active role in shaping our community. Any parent can volunteer as a PA Committee Leader to assume the organisational and promotional responsibilities for a specific PA event or activity. PA Committee Leaders will work with the Leadership Team as necessary to successfully implement the event or activity.

So please join the meeting or volunteer to either run a committee or assist in a committee and support the LIS community!

Discover the following pages and find out in which wonderful activities you can get involved: Sports Club, Schoolgarden, Book Club, Choir and more.


The elected Leadership Team of the LIS Parent Association: Mrs Gitte Vogel-Sirin, Mrs Babette Gaida, Mrs Nicola Edger.

We congratulate the candidates and would like to thank all nominees for their candidacy.
We also thank all parents who voted for their candidate(s)!

It will be now left up to the elected team to allocate themselves roles. In order to support school events that require extensive planning and preparation, the PA Leadership Team will be voted in for a term of 2 years. The First Co-Chair will assume the main chair responsibilities for the current year. The Second Co-Chair will assist and gather all information needed to assume the responsibility for being First Co-Chair during the following year.

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PA Leadership Team:
Nicola Edger
Babette Gaida
Gitte Vogel-Sirin

T: +49 341 393 77 737
F: +49 341 393 77 555

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