Elected Parent Representatives

In order to represent the views, opinions, thoughts and concerns of parents, to the School Leadership Team, Board of Governors and Trägerverein, four parent representatives are elected by their fellow parents. At regular meetings with school management, and at Board meetings, they ensure that matters of general concern and interest to parents are addressed.

New Parent Representatives 2015-17

Four candidates, for election to four positions, presented themselves to the parent assembly on Thursday 8 October in the auditorium. The electoral committee suggested to appoint all four without the need for an election. With the approval of the assembly and the board of governors we are pleased to announce that Renata Pocajt, Stefan Maidatschewski, Stephanie Gacek and Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß will serve as parent representatives for school years 2015-16 and 2016-17.

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Parent Representatives 2015-17

Renata Pocajt,
Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß,
Stephanie Gacek,
Stefan Maidatschewski

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