Welcome to Leipzig International School

We are very pleased that you have registered for our Open Day. 

Please enjoy our welcoming messages given by our management team:

  1. Welcome to LIS: Message from the Commercial Director, Mr Johannes Barabas

  2. Introduction to LIS: Message from the Head of School, Mr David Smith

  3. Introduction to LIS Primary School: Message from the Primary Principal, Mr Tim Belfield

  4. Introduction to LIS Secondary School: Message from the Secondary Principal, Mr Neil Allen

We also have prepared a short tour of our Primary School for you. Have fun watching:

  1. Virtual Tour through the LIS Primary School

The main important part for our Open Day is to have all your questions answered. Therefore, please click at the following link to talk to our Director of Admissions, Ms Steffi Hölzel:

  1. Link to Q&A session with our Director of Admissions
    this link will be available at 17:00 o'clock (GMT+1)

We would like to point out to all those families who are exclusively interested in our kindergarten that our Open Day is primarily about introducing our primary and secondary school. However, we are planning an Open Day for our International Kindergarten. However, you are most welcome to send in your questions to our Director of Admissions, Ms Hölzel via e-mail.

Thank you very much for your interest in Leipzig International School.




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Steffi Hölzel
Director of Admissions

T: +49 341 39377 634
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