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Nursery 1 & 2  

Administrative Fee (Annual)
Due upon admission (for returning children, due by 15 April 2022)
Tuition (Monthly)    
- Fee €211.14 Discounts according to City of Leipzig table
- Benefaction Amount €535.00 LIS sibling discounts apply
Early Years 1 - 3    
Administrative Fee (Annual) €400.00 Due upon admission (for returning children, due by 15 April 2022)
Tuition (Monthly)    
- Fee €130.12 Discounts according to City of Leipzig table
- Benefaction Amount €627.00 LIS sibling discounts apply
Grade 1 - 12    
Enrolment Fee
starting Gr. 2
€775.00 Due upon admission, LIS sibling discounts apply
Administrative Fee (Annual) €400.00 Due upon admission (for returning students, due by 15 April 2022)
Tuition (Monthly)   LIS sibling discounts apply
- Grade 1-5 €785.00  
- Grade 6-8 €820.00  
- Grade 9-10 €875.00  
- Grade 11-12 €1,065.00  


* Information on the minimum school fee and financial aid can be found below.


The Need for School Fees

Why do we need to charge school fees?

Leipzig International School is acknowledged at all grade levels by the State of Saxony Ministry of Education. The Leipzig International Kindergarten belongs to the City of Leipzig network of independent kindergarten facilities. While public funding is received in support of the programme for each age level, the programme offered by the school is more robust than can be provided by state funding alone.

Reasons for this are clear. Leipzig International School provides a top-quality education with comparatively small class sizes, to students of all academic abilities and with varied language backgrounds. In general, class sizes do not exceed 20, though up to 24 students may be in any section. There are significantly smaller groups most especially for learning support, for specialised language instruction and in the elective courses in secondary school. Beginning from Grade 1, a three-form year group is divided into four sections for language instruction in English and German. Additionally, Primary School Hort and participation in several extracurricular activities in secondary belongs to the overall offering of the school and is covered by the regular school fees.

Why are there different fees for different age groups?

Leipzig International School is a not for profit institution. As such, its business objectives are simply to be self-sustaining, always able to fund the capital expenditure required to provide the equipment and facilities needed for delivering an excellent international programme, at the same time re-investing every Euro of surplus into the institution itself.

Fees are set with a view to keeping each section of the overall institution at a self-sustaining level for the programmes offered. In Early Years, the bilingual nature of the instruction as well as the breadth of the offering and the spacious physical plant are financed through benefaction amounts above parent contribution set by the Leipzig City Council. In Primary School, the small class sizes, targeted instruction in learning support and languages, the involvement of Hort educators in the core school day are all financed through school fees. In Secondary School, course choice begins in Grade 6 and the scope of choice increases further in Grades 8, 9, and 11. Increased course choice contributes to the quality and individual fit of the programme we offer. This together with already small class size makes increased funding through school fees necessary.

Financial Aid

Leipzig International School provides reductions in fees to families who demonstrate that they cannot otherwise afford the regular school fees. Financial aid is made available for at least 25% of spaces. Leipzig International School is committed to being a diverse institution, including students of any ethnicity, any mother tongue and any socioeconomic background in as much as they can attain success and profit from an education at the school.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

LIS grants financial aid in the form of reduced fees for qualified families. The application for reduced fees is available in English and German. Applications should be submitted on paper to the LIS Business Office. By its very nature, an application for reduced fees involves a high degree of financial self-disclosure on the part of the families.

In fairness to all families, the fee reduction is computed and offered based on a formula-driven scheme. Fees, both full and reduced, are set by the school and are not negotiable. The floor of school fees defines the “minimum school fee”, which is currently EUR 145 per month. The school understands that the choice of an educational institution is a choice families make for 5, 12 or even 18 years or for the duration of their time in Leipzig. For this reason, the required contribution from the family is independent from the student’s age group. Assuming equal income and equal family structure (e.g. 2 adults, 3 children or 1 adult, 1 child), the family contribution at reduced fee level is then the same for a child in Grade 1 as for a Grade 11 student. Similarly, if a family encounters unanticipated financial hardship, every effort is made to help the children continue at Leipzig International School.

Sibling Discounts

  • 25% for the second child from a family
  • 50% for the third and further children
  • Discounted fees for Nursery and Early Years according to the schedule determined by the City of Leipzig.

Payment Due Dates

Annual Administrative Fee

This fee is due at intake for new acceptances or by 15 April for the following school year.

New Entrants Enrolment Fee to Grade 2 - 12

Due upon admission. Instalment payment options are available through the Business Office. Fee applies to new admissions to Grade 2 through 12.


Payments are due monthly by the third day of each month from June 2022 through May 2023.





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