Application Procedure and Requirements

The Leipzig International School offers an opportunity to  learn in English, in a diverse international community. The school is organised in three sections - Early Childhood, Primary School and Secondary School.

Please note the minimum enrolment age on 31 August :
•    Nursery 1 (Age 1–2) 12 months old
•    Nursery 2 (Age 2–3) 2 years old
•    Early Years 1 (Age 3–4) 3 years old
•    Early Years 2 (Age 4–5) 4 years old
•    Early Years 3 (Age 5–6) 5 years old

Parents apply for admission on behalf of their children.  Applications can only be made online through the LIS Online Application System. Students arriving from abroad can be considered for admission at any time.  Other students are generally only admitted at the start of each school year.

Acceptance to LIS

Families offered a place at LIS are asked to respond within two weeks.  After that time, if there is no response we may offer the space to another student on the waiting list.  
Acceptance of a student is the responsibility of the Head of School, in conjunction with the Principal responsible for that school section (Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary).  Decisions are made in accordance with the LIS Admissions Policy.  The school is open to students of all academic abilities and our admissions policy is non-discriminatory.  However, in occasional instances, it could be that our school lacks sufficient resources to accommodate students requiring particularly intensive learning support.  

Placement of a student in a grade level or particular class is the responsibility of the school and is made with a view to their being able to make progress. Students may be admitted provisionally, particularly when there has been a delay in receiving records from a previous school or if there is uncertainty about whether the placement will be successful. 

For further information please contact our Director of Admissions by phone or send us an email.

Visiting our School

We will be delighted to meet you and take you around the school! Contact us to make an appointment.

Admission policy

Detailed information on how LIS reaches admissions decisions can be found in the Admission Policy document.



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