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'City of Kids' - a visit from Leipzig's Deputy Mayor

At Summer Holiday Hort EY3 and Primary Holiday Hort students started building a City of Kids. This is a city by kids, for kids! Like other cities, this one has a range of important institutions. The children started at passport services, received their passports and then visited the job center to get jobs. After that they got to work in the city administration, the bank, the tourism center, the café, the construction center and the media center. Every 45 minutes of work earned them 6 Lions (the city’s currency), but 1 Lion was always taken away for taxes!

The citizens reached out beyond their own city, and connected with Leipzig’s own Deputy Mayor, Ulrich Hörning. Mr Hörning shared with the children facts about Leipzig as well as information about how a city’s administration is elected and structured. He quizzed the students on everything from age of Leipzig to the four levels of government. LIS students were full of great answers. Mr Hörning also talked about taxes and city revenues, a topic in City of Kids. Finally, it was the children’s turn to give Mr Hörning some suggestions to take back with him to City Hall. The students asked him to ensure that every child in the city of Leipzig has a home and a roof over their heads, that the city allow children to vote and that schools work closer with City Hall to teach about how government works. The meeting of the two cities’ administrators was fruitful and both cities hope to work together again in the future!

We also invited the local non-profit “Orang-Utans in Not e.V.” The organization held a seminar for the children to talk about the effects of palm oil production in Southeast Asia on the rainforest and the orangutans living there. The organization works to alleviate stress for this endangered species. Thanks to the City of Kids’ tax payers, donors and the assembly’s approved budget, the city was able to donate 225 Euros to the organization, thus establishing global ties as world citizens. Over the next year, LIS Hort will be displaying updates bout the city’s newly adopted orangutan, Little Lilly, as she grows and develops in her natural habitat.

LIS, Hort and City of Kids say THANK YOU for a beautiful 2018 Summer Holiday Hort.

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