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LIS in TOP 3 overall GISST ranking of all participating schools !!!

Our LIS Varsity boys team won Silver out of 11 participating schools at the Varsity Badminton tournament in Berlin from 6-8 Dec 2018.
Naoki, David, Lucas and Maximilian represent our LIS varsity boys team.

Our LIS Varsity girls team won Gold out of 11 participating schools.
Sydney, Sarah, Merle and Julia represent the LIS girls team. They won incredible 47 out of their 48 individual matches. Congratulations to our Badminton team and to coach Alex Canariov for this outstanding result!

After 9 out of 18 GISST tournaments, LIS is in the TOP 3 overall GISST ranking of all participating schools !!!
So far this is the best LIS ranking ever after 9 tournaments. Considering the schools we are competing against, this result is remarkable. All participating students in the LIS GISST training and tournament programme have all reasons to be proud of what they have achieved up to now.

Udo Quellmalz

LIS Athletics Director

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