Urgent Appeal for Donations in Kind for Ukraine

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We would like to draw your attention to an urgent appeal for dona­tions for items desperately needed in Ukraine or directly at the border to Ukraine.

One of our dedicated parent from the LIS community is collecting the following items together with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic communi­ty. The school and the LIS Parent Association would like to support the appeal with these urgently needed items with your help.

Please drop them off at either the LIK reception desk or the LIS ent­rance area:

General Items: Food:
· Clothes for infants, toddlers and small children · Baby food,
· Underwear for men · Canned ready-to-eat food,
· Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, thin blankets · Durable food,
· Laser pointers (red), batteries (AA/AAA/ AAAA) · Soups, rice, noodles,
· Power banks/mobile batteries, torches · Coffee/tea,
· Protein bars/chocolate bars (for soldiers).
Sanitary products:
· Wet wipes,
· Disinfectants,
· Medical gloves
· Bandaging material (also expired)/bandages,
· First aid kits (also expired)




The aid supplies from our April collection have arrived:

The video shows a staff member of the regional hospital in the town of Tzchernihiv in northern Ukraine, which has been badly hit by siege and fighting.

The video shows the arrival of our donations. After receiving the care packages, the man expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who had donated. He literally said, "Thank the good Lord that in these difficult times, He sends us such good people to help us survive in these terrible times."

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Ukraine Donation Appeal

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