Channels of Communication at LIS & LIK

Communication is essential to the smooth running of our school. Whether it is knowing where to look for general information about the daily business of the school or dealing with specific topics about your child’s individual development, we aim to make access to this information transparent and easily accessible.

Whole School Matters

We would encourage you to contact our Head of School, or the Commercial Director, who will be able to offer you an appointment, for pressing matters, within five working days. We believe some matters are best discussed face-to-face.

Communicating in Person

Should you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the staff member who is directly
responsible first, usually your child’s teacher or educator.
If you have further questions or issues of a general nature it is also possible to set up an appointment
with the Primary or Secondary School Principal. Contact can be made through the Primary School Office and/or the Secondary School Office.

School Fee Matters

Please contact Mrs Pia Möckel in the School Fees Department.

Queries about Admissions

We kindly request that you register your child via our online application portal. Once we have all your information, you will be contacted directly by Ms Hölzel, Director of Admissions, with information about placement and availability of space in the school. If you are interested in a tour of the school, you can also contact Ms Hölzel. Kindergarten Tours will be offered every first Thursday of the month as soon as corona regulations allow.

General Information

For further information, please consult our website. It offers a wealth of information on the governance of the school, each school section, the curriculum we offer, extra-curricular activities, an up-to-date staff directory as well as all the great work our community is doing.

If you have any further queries or cannot find what you are looking for on the website, feel free to contact the marketing department with your questions at

Please see below a list of ways in which we keep in communicate internally and externally.

Internal communication with parents:

Parent Portal

This resource provides parents with a single folder containing all information essential to your child’s daily school life. This way nothing is lost in spam folders or not received due to full inboxes.
Primary sends out a weekly newsletter to each class documenting the work the class did that week and any information about outings etc.

LIS Ticker

Our school Ticker is a fortnightly newsletter containing all important up-coming dates and general reminders. If there is anything you feel needs to be included in the Ticker feel free to contact

Emails/Printed Letters

Occasionally, you will receive an email or a letter in your child’s homework folder from the class teacher informing you about an outing, project or meeting.

Parent Information Evenings

In addition and complementary to formal reports on your child’s progress, we hold regular parent evenings at all levels, in which you can converse with the class teacher or form tutor.
Meetings on topics of common concern such as careers, social issues, transition from Kindergarten to Primary and Primary to Secondary are held at regular intervals. We understand that parents are busy and that not all can attend these meetings. By all means contact the school and you will be offered a meeting where you will be informed personally about the issue at hand.


For a visual documentation of your child's work we offer 'SeeSaw' for our Kindergarten kids from Nursery to EY3. Using photos, videos and diary entries, a teacher along with the child’s parents, ‘weaves’ the story of the child, enabling these memories to be kept as a permanent record of each unique life.
Also from Grade 1 to Grade 5 we are using 'SeeSaw'. 'Seesaw' is a perfect way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. It gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology.

Entrance Screen

From the beginning of 2019/20 school year we have installed a screen in the entrance of the school at Könneritz-Campus. Here we also display reminders about upcoming events and highlights from our community life. 

Notice Board

We also have a traditional notice board and pin board at the entrance of the school as well as the kindergarten where we display posters about events happening in the community and relevant school/kindergarten information.

Room Parents

The room parents who cultivate the class community will also be in touch on occasion about class or grade events, teachers birthdays or similar.

Parent Association

The Parent Association is a vibrant team of involved parents who are engaged in a number of projects. Feel free to contact them with ideas or initiatives and get to know the LIS community better. The PA leadership team can be reach at

External Communication:

LIS Website

A wealth of information and resources at your fingertips.

LIS Observer

The Leipzig International School Magazine – sharing stories and giving an in depth look at elements of our school life.


Regularly updated with events, milestones and highlights from the school’s daily life. Visit us here.


A visual documentation of the achievements and impressions from our school and community. You can follow us here.


We regularly publish press releases in the local paper and other publications.




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