Hosting GISST Athletes

More than 70 student-athletes from German international schools are attending several GISST tournaments throughout the year. Finding host families is an active and ongoing process which begins months before the actual tournament. Host families are offered the opportunity to share in a warm, personal experience. Please help LIS to provide safe and welcome environments for all the visiting athletes.

This school year we are proudly hosting our GISST Football tournament in November and the GISST Tennis tournament in March.
Please join our fantastic team and offer to be a host family for the visiting students. You would collect two (or even more if you have space) students from school and welcome them into your home for two nights. Further details to come at the beginning of the school year.

Host families must:

  • Providing a student with a safe and supportive home for the weekend of the tournament
  • Providing a student with his/her own bed, either in a room shared with a family member of the same sex, or in his/her own room
  • Providing a student with meals
  • Providing transportation to and from school/venue (if no public transportation available)
  • Welcoming a student as a member of the family and encouraging to participate in all aspects of family life

We are looking forward to hosting fantastic events so please get involved and support the LIS Lions!!!




Contact us

Athletics Director
Gillian Allen

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For further details please contact our
Secondary Office

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If you want to get involved please go to Classlist and join the GISST Hosting group.

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