Living in Leipzig is easy...

It is compact and easy to get around: it offers all the amenities of a much bigger city, but without the hassle. Leipzig celebrates its arts and culture. Museums and theatres flourish and the city hosts many international events and festivals. Leipzig is home to the St Thomas' Boys Choir, the Opera House, the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Natural History Museum, the German National Library and many more.

Once you have decided to move to Leipzig, making it your home entirely depends on being able to settle in quickly and establish a community around you, whether you are going to be here for just a few months or for many years. LIS has its own role to play in helping families feel quickly at home.

The LIS Community Handbook 'Easy Leipzig', which can be picked up from the LIS marketing department at the loft office, contains further detailed information to help families settle down not only at school, but also in this wonderful city. Discover the following pages of our website and find out more about our city, moving to Leipzig, getting around and leisure and culture.

You can also have a look at Welcome Center Germany. This website provides links to four different sections, listed at the top of the website. These are Visas and Permits, Living in Germany, Learning German, and Insurance Products. Welcome Center Germany has helped many people move successfully to Germany, while also assisting with all the chores essential for beginning a new life in a new country.



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My Leipzig will I praise! A little Paris, one that cultivates its people.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust I
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