Parent Association Leadership Team

We are pleased to announce that our Parent Speakers James Wyatt and Wael Issa have been elected as leaders of the Parent Association together with a representative from Leipzig International Kindergarten,Anne-Claire Eveno. Babette Gaida will again be acting as Treasurer. We wish them all the best for their coming term and thank them for their willingness to take on this challenging role.

We would also like to thank our three parent volunteers, Ms Gitte Vogel-Sirin, Ms Nicola Edger and Ms Babette Gaida, of the past period most sincerely. We know that they have contributed great ideas and projects and established wonderful activities and events. We are happy that they can now hand over the baton to the new team. Thank you very much for your fabulous work, energy and commitment!

Introducing our Parent Speakers

Mr James Wyatt

The proud father of Anna (Primary), James is 40 years old, a British and German national.

In 2008, James moved to Leipzig and in 2013 relocated to Qatar. 2014 brought a move to Belgium then Switzerland until moving back to Germany in late 2018. A process that makes him a true ‘citizen of the world’.

An aviation professional for over 20 years, James owns and runs an aviation consulting company based in Leipzig.

James is delighted to have been elected into the Parent Association Leadership Team and endeavours to represent the voice of each and every parent towards the school, whilst defining further strategic ideas to allow the PA to have relevance in the school environment. This continues on the fantastic work by the former leadership team which he would like to thank very much for their hard work and commitment. There is a fantastic model to continue to drive forward. 

In his spare time James is a keen runner and loves to travel.

Mr Wael Issa

Mr Wael Issa is delighted to join LIS as a Parent Speaker and looks forward to this experience with Mr. James Wyatt.

He is comfortable to be called Wiley for short by all parents as all his friends and colleagues do. Wiley is the father of Belal in Grade 11 and Taha in Grade 8. He originally comes from Egypt and relocated from Dubai to Leipzig in 2017 when his children joined LIS.

Wiley travelled alot in his childhood and lived in many cities abroad. He studied Aeronautical Engineering where he majored in aircraft maintenance, which brought him to serve for many years in worldwide airports and international companies as an aviation engineer, instructor and trainer. Currently he works in Leipzig/Halle airport for an MRO company.

Wiley's ambition and motivation as a father concerned about child education today, like all parents has driven him to be elected as LIS Parent Speaker. Though it is beyond his expectations, he is determined to step up and be part of the parent community. He expressed during the election of the PA Leadership Team, the importance in his opinion of regular direct interactions between parents and the school staff for the awareness of student attitude, behaviour and education in general.  

Wiley looks forward to exchanging ideas and suggestions with all parents for all matters to be realised and to make a difference. Such achievement, in his opinion, is only possible with the participation of all parents to meet the same goal for their children in LIS as they work towards their graduation.

Ms Anne-Claire Eveno - LIK Representative

Anne-Claire Eveno was born in France, where she spent most of my life.

As a mother 3 children who all attend LIS/LIK, she has experience in all school sections Kindergarten to Primary.

She holds a Master of science in Applied Physics but has always worked in corporate finance and management accounting.

Over the past years, her family has successively lived in the USA, France, the UK, and now Germany.

Anne-Claire's hobbies include running, hiking, choral singing and cooking.

She greatly looks forward to being a part of the LIS PA Leadership Team.

Ms Babette Gaida

Babette has been a proud member of the LIS family since 2015. Having been a room parent since her daughter (who is now in Grade 4) started at Leipzig International Kindergarten, she has always enjoyed working with the parents and the school to facilitate a variety of activities, special events and programmes.

When she was elected to the PA Leadership Team as Treasurer two years ago, she wanted to expand her contribution to the entire school community. However, she is confident that her desire to continue to build on the very good relationship between the school and parents will contribute to a successful next academic year.

She looks forward to continuing her active role as Treasurer in the coming school year.




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