Leipzig International School is a community of richly diverse and ambitious people. This can be seen in our various student activities, sporting competitions, the work of our student councils and other such projects and events.

In addition to the academic programme, Leipzig International School offers an attractive range of activities. Our enrichment programme (extra-curricular activities after school) provide additional opportunities for social and group interaction. There is a variety of activities available covering a wide spectrum of interests - from sports to woodworks to music to drama ... just to name a few! These activities are offered by our teaching staff, parents or external providers. They vary to some degree from school year to school year.

During the first assembly of the school year (in the 2nd week of school), students learn about the range of extra-curricular activities on offer for the current school year. Information on schedule, prices (if applicable) and sign-up can be found in the Parent Portal and on the HEDKY platform.



Please click on the following pages for more information about our GISST sports programme, our opportunities in the field of visual and performing arts, intercultural exchange and the fantastic work of our students as playground buddies, peer mediators as well as in our student councils.



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