“Some of my fondest memories come from being an athlete at LIS. I joined the LIS Lions in Secondary School and competed in cross-country, football, volleyball and track and field GISST tournaments. The reason why I believe that this time has created some of my favourite memories at LIS is the amazing spirit and team mentality that our athletes embody. When I went to trainings and tournaments, I was going for the joy of it.

Apart from competing and the great athletic environment, sports at LIS allowed me to meet many like-minded athletes. Thanks to GISST tournaments, I have met many amazing people that were tough competition on the field but often turned into friends beyond the sporting ground.

Looking back, I could not have wished for a better place to practice sports and can only recommend joining any GISST team you can.
Here is to one last thank you to everyone involved, it really has been a pleasure.”

                                                                                                                A recently graduated LIS student.


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