Cross Country

LIS is fortunate to back onto the Clara-Zetkin park which allows our teams to train in a beautiful natural environment. We also use the track on the fields behind the school for interval sessions and when the coaches really want to work the students hard they take them to the Fockeberg to do hill repetitions!

There are four teams: U14 Girls, U14 Boys, Varsity Girls and Varsity boys and they all train together on the same evenings, but training sessions are differentiated according to ability.

A GISST team can comprise of up to 24 athletes. In all races the first 4 runners make up a team where points are scored.

A school is limited to a maximum of 8 runners in any race.
(For the GISST competition you are permitted to bring a maximum of 24 runners from each school).  

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Athletics Director

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