Intercultural Exchange

International experiences, such as those made during exchange programmes and stays abroad, shape people in a special way. They have an impact on at least four levels:

  • Education: Exchange promotes the personal development and acquisition of individual competencies of young people.
  • Mobility: Exchange enables people to better find their way in a globalised world.
  • Dialogue: Exchange facilitates positive interaction with diversity and thus strengthens internal social cohesion.
  • Peace: Exchange promotes understanding between societies and contributes to the peaceful coexistence of nations.

Furthermore, schools are the central place to reach young people with educational opportunities for international exchange. Therefore, school-based exchange plays a key role in international education. In the past few years, international student mobility has increased significantly and the popularity of secondary school exchange programmes has grown.

Intercultural exchange is a two-way process. Both students and host families benefit from intercultural exchange through active interaction and cultural exchange, which is further enhanced by a positive student-host relationship.

Together with various exchange providers, we at Leipzig International School continue to try to promote our intercultural exchange programmes.

So far we have had a wonderful experience with the Erasmus+ programme. Self-confidence, adaptability, openness, mutual understanding, and solidarity are only a few examples of what can be gained through an Erasmus+ experience. When people have the opportunity to meet others – to exchange ideas, volunteer and learn new things – they often find similarities that create lasting bonds.

With Erasmus+, openness is not only a value, it has become a reality. The programme has shaped a new generation of European citizens by opening up numerous opportunities. It has even led to the creation of new families that bring together different nationalities: one in every three former Erasmus+ higher education participants has a life partner with a different nationality – compared to only one in every ten graduates without an Erasmus+ experience.

The impact, challenges and benefits of intercultural exchange for the students of LIS will be highlighted in the following pages.



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