Freshwater Shortage! Warning!

Leipzig International School in Spain

The school in Almuñécar provided our students with a rich and varied experience on the topic of Freshwater Shortage. The students visited various institutions that gave them an understanding of the topic from a real-life perspective.

1. El Zahori Topical Crop Research Centre

At the El Zahorí farm, mangoes (more than 23 varieties have been planted), vanilla apple, avocados, limes, lychees, macadamia nuts, sapodilla plums, jujubes and star fruit, among others, are researched and tested. The test results and the knowledge gained are shared with local and regional farmers. The students gathered information on tropical crops, local weather conditions, rain fall, economics of growing different crops and the need to balance economic profit with medium- and long-term environmental consequences.

2. Sea Workshop

Students attended a talk and a workshop about marine life. Two experts on the subject came to the Spanish high school to explain the different kinds of fishing methods, the sea animals in the endangered list, how to help them, and the harmful consequences of pollution. The majority of the pollution is plastic. This workshop was a preparation for the community wide beach clean-up, which gave the students a more hands-on approach to a cleaner environment.  

3. Aquarium and Lorosexi Park

Lorosexi Park and the local aquarium are located in the centre of Almuñécar. These two centres helped to understand how the local environment affects animals and humans, too.  Students explored a journey through the ecosystem and marine fauna of the Almuñécar coast and the Mediterranean in general.  It hosts 18 aquariums and an impressive oceanarium with one million litres of water, over a 17-metre-long panoramic tunnel.

4. Tour of historical Almuñécar

A member of the local archaeologist team gave an insight into the over two thousand years of local history. 

5. Informing about the No Car Day

LIS and IES Al-Ándalus students went around Almuñécar town centre informing citizens about the initiative to raise people environmental awareness as part of our Erasmus+ project. The students worked together informing people about the environmental and health advantages of leaving one´s car parked at home and either walking and/or using public transport. This initiative was one of the main ones we planned back in November together with the Beach Clean Up.

6. Beach Clean Up

The aim of this project was to promote clean beaches and clean sea floors. Consequently, all local schools and high schools joined forces by the seaside to pick up all kinds of garbage, plastics, cigarette filters, butts, tins, rest of nets, woody sticks, etc. Remember this rubbish ends up sooner or later into our water cycle.

7. Visit to Granada

Al Ándalus students gave a guided tour to their fellow students of some of the most interesting points of interest in the city: Bib-Rambla square, the cathedral, Royal Chamber, Chancery, Corral del Carbón and many more. A splendid finishing touch for a week that certainly was very productive, not only for the students but also for all the teachers who participated in each activity of the programme.

All activities can be reviewed in detail in the report on this exchange programme here.

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