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We would like to draw your attention to an upcoming university fair:

AGIS Higher Education Fair 2021
When? Monday, 15 March 202, 17:00-20:00 - will be held virtually

This Virtual Fair connects students (and parents) to top universities and colleges from all over the world. It is an online event where students can text and talk via audio/video with admission counsellors from Universities and Colleges. Once inside the platform, you can search for universities based on your preferences, visit their virtual booths to get detailed information and chat one-to-one with admission counsellors. Get registered for free by 15 March, 15:00.

Register for free at:  and watch this Video presentation about the whole event.

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Statement from IBO regarding German recognition of the May 2020 DP Diplomas.

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Update on EU Fees for UK Universities. The UK Government has agreed to extend EU Fee Status for students starting in 2020. For official statement see here.

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Prospectuses, flyers, posters and brochures from universities, colleges, institutions and careers providers are regularly sent to the school and displayed in the IB study room.

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LIS offers students of grades 11-12 guidance for their journey into life after school; whether it is higher education, apprenticeship, gap year or other choices. The university admissions and careers coordinator works with the class cohorts as well as with individual students to provide assistance in all aspects of future education and careers planning. This ranges from identifying strengths in both academic subjects and extra-curricular activities in order to help the student in his or her institution and course selection, to providing up-to-date information about international admission processes, deadlines and current events like regional educational fairs.
This webpage provides the central, go-to source of information and updates in university admissions and careers. Here, documents and resources can be accessed by students, parents and teachers aiming to enable a trouble-free transition between school and study destination or elsewhere.

We also work with external agencies and providers who can assist us and the students in their next steps for life after school. One valuable and supportive partner is Frau Antje Elsner-Eichhorn from the Arbeitsagentur here in Leipzig. She regularly visits the school to speak to students about study and career options in Germany and is available for questions and meetings with students both at the school and at her office in the Arbeitsagentur.

Useful Links for Study Destinations


Germany (A website on German universities) (A website on careers and studying produced by the Arbeitsagentur) (The central application site for studying medicine and other medical sciences in Germany) (The KMK website on studying in Germany with foreign qualifications) (A comprehensive website on cost of studying and living in Germany with handy links and charts. Some pages are also in English.)

www.bafö (The official German government page for student finance) (The Arbeitsagentur’s central website) (Information from the organisation that represents industry and the guilds on apprenticeships) (The page on the Work Agency’s website devoted to apprenticeships) (More information about different types of apprenticeships) (Information about the Duales Studium) (The German government page for FSJ)


Netherlands (Course search tool for Dutch universities) (A website on applying to study in the Netherlands) (The main Dutch universities website) (A website that explains the recognition of foreign exams) (Another website with useful information about studying in Holland) (Information on Dutch universities in German) (Information on applying to restricted courses with NF & lottery system) (CROHO database in Dutch)



UK (The central university admissions system in the UK (also has a course search that allows you to see how many IB points you need for specific courses), also provides information for students and parents on a whole range of topics related to studying in the UK) (overview of student living costs in the UK) (official government site for apprenticeships and vocational training) (information on student fees for Scotland and how to get them covered by the Scottish government) (information on student fees in England and Wales) (the government agency responsible for international students) (everything you need to know about studying in the UK) (The UK government’s statement on fees for EU students starting 2020/21) (The Scottish governments statement on fees for EU students starting 2020/21)

United States

United States

United States (The main website for SATs) (The Common Application (used by over 600 colleges)) (A good search tool for US universities) (Forbes ranking of US colleges) (The central website for American colleges overseas)  (Overview of college tuition fees and living costs, university rankings) (Official US State Department site for student visas)