At LIS, we often seek ways to increase students’ direct involvement and ownership of their school. We aim to encourage students to feel a higher sense of responsibility, leadership, and empathy for their fellow students. With this in mind, the Peer Mediation Programme was founded.

Through this Programme, trained Grade 5 students help their peers to solve issues that may have arisen between other students and the mediators attempt to do so with little to no intervention by adults. The mediators work in pairs and, during each mediation, set the tone of the meeting by explaining their role and the rules of mediation, allowing each disputant to say their side of the story, identifying the emotions of the individuals and facilitating the brainstorming of solutions to the problem.

The types of situations peer mediators will address include disputes between friends, disagreements and other such issues that teachers deem appropriate for the mediators to help solve. If a teacher feels the issue is too serious for the mediators, the teacher will handle it him/herself.




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