The Playground Buddy Programme encourages students to take on a leadership role and responsibility on the playground during morning and lunchtime breaks. The aim is to empower students to support others in creating safe, fun and inclusive play environments and relationships.

LIS Primary Playground Buddies, our Grade 4 students, are selected through an interview process at the end of the previous school year.

They are then trained to:

  • Work together in teams

  • Teach group games to children on the playground

  • Act as play partners for other children

  • Role model friendly, open, kind and inclusive play behaviours

  • Play with children who are lonely

  • Help new students to settle in during breaks

  • Be a friendly person that other children can go to for help or an open ear

Through the training process, the Playground Buddies aspire to fulfil the aims of the Programme:

  • Facilitate happier playtimes for children

  • Encourage children to play together and make new friends

  • Reduce incidences of poor behaviour, aggression, boredom and destructive games

  • Help to raise self-esteem by building confidence and trust in abilities

  • Reduce the number of accidents on the playground through safer play

  • Befriend children on the playground who are lonely

  • Provide positive role models for younger children

The programme is overseen by the Hort Leader and Hort educators who meet weekly with the Buddies to reflect on their duties, problem-solve any team or duty issues, learn new games, and further provide the students with the tools to develop social and emotional abilities needed to be effective Playground Buddies.



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