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26th Children's and Youth Art Exhibition 2020/21 of the City of Leipzig

For 26 years, the children's and youth art exhibition has been held in January and February at several locations in Leipzig. This year, due to the pandemic, the exhibition will be presented digitally for the first time and exclusively. This year's theme is FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS.
Students from all over Leipzig were able to submit their pictures. 500 pieces were submitted in total.

About 50 LIS students (primary and secondary school) submitted artwork and we would like to thank them all for their hard work and representing LIS in this external competition. The artwork of 16 LIS students were accepted for the exhibition and there are three LIS students among the eight winners. 
We are happy to congratulate them most sincerely!!!

Winning Artworks from LIS (3 of 8 selected)

Please see here a small selection made by the jury for the MdbK Leipzig (Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig).

Visual Arts at LIS

At the center of art are perception, design and reflection related to the artistic-aesthetic diversity of culture and real life. The special field of learning and experience of the subject is the visual culture. These visual worlds have different contextual and formal relationships and show themselves in a variety of media forms.

By learning to understand and interpret images (here as an umbrella term that includes painting, drawing, plastic / sculpture, object / installation, architecture, photography, film, electronic image design, graffiti, everyday objects and many other manifestations) our students develop image expertise that enables them to take part in diverse forms of art and culture from past and present, but also to take a critical and creative perception of their personal environment and everyday reality.

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