What is HEDKY

HEDKY is a digital platform which replaces paper forms and emails for most Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) in international schools.

Using HEDKY at LIS means Co-Curricular Activities are organized and managed more efficiently.

In order to use HEDKY each parent need to login to HEDKY and register with the same credentials (e-mail address AND password) that you use for your parent portal login.

Advantages of HEDKY

For Parents

  • Seamless booking & payment process
  • Instant CCA attendance records
  • Communication with CCA provider

For Providers

  • Course creation & payment reception from parents
  • Attendance for each lesson
  • Communicate with parents (as a group or individually) and with the school

For the School

  • Organizes CCA digitally, faster, easier
  • Manages daily CCA activities in real-time


Please see more video tutorials on how to use HEDKY:


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