Welcome to Leipzig International Kindergarten!

The Leipzig International Kindergarten is an internationally accredited early childhood facility that has been open since August 2014. We provide an early education programme for children 1–6 years of age. We are open from 07:00 to 18:00 for 49 weeks of the calendar year.

Our team comprises of internationally minded and experienced early childhood experts who provide the quality and unique aspect of our programme. Children are looked after in a warm, caring, stimulating environment which is set up to meet their specific needs. 

Our secure, attractive, purpose-built premises feature an excellent range of indoor rooms, play spaces and resources. We connect to our natural environment with purposeful use of our spacious, landscaped outdoor play area. 

Our programme is designed to support each child’s personal, social, academic, physical and emotional development in an internationally oriented context. Your child will develop the characteristics of effective learners through play and exploration, active learning and thinking creatively. A strong language programme throughout the Kindergarten gives children the start they need to develop into expressive communicators in both German and English.

Our programme is based on the ways children learn best – through play. Intentional play, either alone or with other children, is a natural way for young children to learn to interact with one another and to understand their environment; play is valued and supported in our program. Children are encouraged to explore, manipulate, create, and construct things in their environment. The cognitive and social development of children is best encouraged through collaboration with others, discussion, discovery of the “how” and “why” of actions, and developing personal meaning through the application of what is learned.

We believe that our intentional and well researched early childhood programme will provide your child with an ideal start to education and a secure platform from which to move on to our Primary School. We look forward to welcoming you to our LIK family.

Your Kindergarten Leadership Team

Thus, you are welcome to explore the following pages and learn more about what we provide, our concept, the Nursery programme as well as the Early Years programme.



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