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The Käferhaus cares for 180 children from the age of one until they start school. A well thought-out internal structure of the building, a clear organisation of all processes, educators who act with a sense of proportion, allow firm ties to caregivers, firm friendships between children and an individual overall atmosphere for both children and parents. The pedagogical know-how was laid down in a pedagogical concept specially developed for the Käferhaus. It is based on current educational discussions in early childhood education.

In the Käferhaus Kindergarten, 48 children are cared for in 4 groups (12 children per group aged 1 to 3) on the ground floor and 132 children are cared for in 7 groups (19 children per group aged 3 to school entry) on the upper floor. In order to better meet the needs of the different age groups, homogeneous groups are formed. We do not support mixed age groups from the first to the sixth year of life!

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Uta Bürkner
Paedagogical Manager

T: 0341- 4925730/35

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Gaining skills and knowledge in one' s childhood is like engraving a stone.
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