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Early childhood education

Encouraging learning

Our concept is based on the conviction that every child has a right to education and equal opportunities in his or her development. Therefore, we consider ourselves as a place of education in the whole chain of schooling: pre-school, school, vocational training and higher education.

In order to enable the children to develop their own ways of understanding the world, all areas of education (such as language, thinking, movement, creativity, science, learning, social behaviour, etc.) are offered. The children receive age-appropriate play and learning opportunities. The child's interest and curiosity is challenged by a "built" pedagogy (thematic, project work and rooms with studio character). Already from the first year of life, "active learning" accompanies the children.

In September 2009, a music project for all children from the age of 3 was launched (in cooperation with the Leipzig Music School "Johann Sebastian Bach") and has since formed an integral part of the aesthetic and musical early education in the Käferhaus Kindergarten.

In the last year before starting school, so-called ABC groups (pre-school groups) are usually formed and the Würzburg Language Programme (preparation for learning to write), Zahlenland (mathematics), Wunderfitz Programme (science, traffic education, etc.) are offered. On request, children's English courses with a native speaker are available at extra cost.

We practise good behaviour, pay attention to rituals and rules that grow with the children (thus providing orientation and security) and support the development of respectful interaction between the children (arguing, getting along, asserting oneself, being able to deal with each other fairly). Each child is accepted, encouraged and supported without reservation.

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Gaining skills and knowledge in one' s childhood is like engraving a stone.
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