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Innovative Pedagogy

In order to be innovative, a knowledgebased society needs "bright minds". The foundation for skills such as creativity, problem solving, social behaviour and lifelong learning is laid at an early age.
We are aware of this and would like to take on some responsibility for this development and accompany the child individually in its development.

The concept of the kindergarten is based on the "life-oriented approach". We see the child as an active learner.

Further pillars of our professional work are a learning stimulating environment and respectful interaction with each other. The educator is available to the child as a learning partner. The team acts as a learning family.


Delicious eating

The catering service "Zwergenküche" is responsible for the lunch supply at our facility. We consider it important that the guidelines for food consumption are observed. Furthermore, thanks to short delivery routes for the children's meals, the waiting time from production to the plate is only one hour. It is also important to us that seasonal and regional products are used.


Located near the park

We make sure that the children get exercise and spend enough time outdoors. Depending on the weather, the area around the nearby meadow forest is used intensively by all groups. For this reason, weatherproof clothing is always recommended.

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Paedagogical Manager

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