Nursery Programme (1-3 years)

In Nursery, children’s early learning, growth and development are guided by qualified and caring Nursery staff in a stimulating and nurturing educational environment. Children will consistently receive the support and individual attention they need.

For many young children entering our Nursery Programme, this will be their first experience in a full-day, large-group setting. Emphasis is placed on social and emotional development and self-care skills. Children are guided through the settling-in process where they can happily take part in daily routines. Learning to take care of one’s surroundings, constructively entering play situations, settling disagreements with words, and learning to share are all goals for these children. Learning is experiential at this stage and includes the use of a variety of manipulatives, tactile experiences and an emphasis on developing language.

German is the predominant language of communication in these first two years. Initial introduction to the English language will be through songs, stories and other resources. Our Nursery children are placed in small groups with 2 early childhood experts per group.

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