Behaviour Policy

The Behaviour committee worked on the Behaviour Policy and the final standards were linked to the School Statement of Principles. They underwent a process where they were reviewed by staff and input taken.
ts can discover and develop their intellectual, physical, social and creative potential.

  • We help our students to be happy, well-balanced, ethical individuals who work effectively and willingly with others.

and to support the following school Core Values:

  • We uphold the principals of equality of opportunity and fair treatment of all individuals.
  • We respect ourselves, we respect each other and we respect our environment.
  • We value honesty, fairness and integrity.

In addition the Policy:

  • Creates a framework whereby the whole school community supports and gives students credit for positive behaviour.
  • Recognises that ethical behaviour is an area of human development that matures over time, therefore, a major aim of the Policy is to assist students to develop in this regard.
  • We acknowledge that students will make mistakes, and ought to be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, rather than be punished.
  • We recognise that some students may be resistant to correction, or act in a very serious manner, and that consequences (not punishment) are required to manage that student’s behaviour.
  • Some students will have particular behavioural difficulties that will require an individual plan at some stage of their development.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Policy recognises that students have rights and that these rights are protected. Student rights are balanced with responsibilities.

Student rights:    

  • To feel safe at school
  • To learn to the best of their ability
  • To be treated with dignity and respect

Student responsibilities:

to act in accordance with the School's Statement of Principles.

  • We are here to learn
  • We work and play together
  • We are fair and honest
  • We are respectful

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