The House System

In order to further promote teamwork and to foster a sense of belonging the Primary School runs a House System. We believe that the House System helps to educate students in the art of taking part, taking risks and having a go. House activities and assemblies also promote leadership and develop a sense, not only of good sportsmanship but also good team spirit – being an active and valuable part of a team whether it be in the context of the class, House or sporting team.

Through this system the students learn:

  • Sometimes you can’t win but also that not winning does not always mean losing
  • Not only to work for themselves but to work for each other
  • Sometimes, working together can bring about a greater good
  • Success, when achieved in collaboration with others is equally as sweet as that achieved alone
  • Taking part and not winning can still bring growth in team spirit and point the way for success in the future

The Houses are organised vertically; there are children from every grade level in each House with children from each House in every class. Each student is allocated to one of four houses with siblings being ‘housed’ together. Most of the staff are also allocated to Houses. Each House has two House Captains (from Grade 5) and two Assistant House Captains (from Grade 4) – each selected by the staff as the students have demonstrated all the qualities needed to lead the House. “House Points” are awarded for a wide range of things both academic and non-academic, both for individuals and groups. The points are totalled weekly and the winning House announced at weekly assemblies. The four Houses have names with each House having a specified colour.  The House names and colours are:

  • Fire (red)

  • Air (Yellow)

  • Earth (Green)

  • Water (Blue)

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