Activities & Projects

Afternoon Activity “Garden Explorers”

“Garden Explorers” offers primary students the chance to help in the school garden while
digging, seeding, planting, harvesting and tasting homegrown fruits and vegetables. Often,
we simply explore and enjoy the space which the school garden offers with all it´s living
beings inside. The activity is run by our school garden coordinator and hold in Term 1 and 3
every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15pm. It is open to grade 1-5.

Afternoon Activity “Farmers Market Production”

During this afternoon activity students from primary brainstorm ideas for products to sell on
the LIS Farmers Markets. Together we produce products such as herbal teas, lemon salt,
beeswax candles and many more. The options are endless. We also design packaging and
marketing elements. The activity is run by our school garden coordinator and hold during
Term 2 every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15pm. It is open to grade 4-5.

CAS Projects and Experiences

All Students of grade 11 and 12 meet the school garden coordinator in the beginning of each
school year to get to know and discuss all possible CAS projects and experiences related to
the school garden. The students have the chance to sign up for one or several options. The
CAS projects and experiences in the school garden are supervised by the school garden
coordinator. So far, we have had 10 CAS projects/experiences in the school garden.

Garden Workout and Coffee

With the weekly Garden Workouts from April to November Gitte has gotten lots of parents
involved and given them the chance to be a part of something rewarding while also getting to
know other members of the LIS community.

LIS Farmers Market & Garden Academy

Together we grow and harvest vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in our garden which we
can use to create products for our LIS Farmers Market. The products are mostly produced
from parents in our weekly Garden Academy from December to March in the Hort Kitchen.
Together we brainstorm product ideas, inspire and learn from each other, laugh a lot and
build up friendships. The LIS Farmers Market takes place at the school four times a year. It is
organized and run by volunteers and the members of the Afternoon Activity “Garden
Explorers”. The money we raise with our homegrown and handmade products is reinvested
in the school garden.

Garden Weekends

Our Garden Weekends twice a year give us the chance to get together as a community with
our families, away from jobs and other commitments. We catch up with each other to see
how everyone is doing, exchange experiences, share picnics and help out with work or
projects which have to be done in the garden.



Contact us

School Garden Coordinator:
Gitte Vogel-Sirin

T: +49 341 393 77 637

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Garden Workout & Coffee

What & When?

If you enjoy gardening and community work, please come along and enjoy the fun. Tools, coffee, tea and professional guidance will be provided. Everyone is very welcome!

Starting again on 01 March from 09:00 - 10:30

Come and join the LIS School Garden Workout every Tuesday!

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