School Garden News

What´s going on in our School Garden?

URWIBIE – Das urbane Wildbienen Forschungsprojekt

We are happy to be selected as one of the gardens in Leipzig who are part of the research
project URWIBIE by the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and CeNak Hamburg.
For the summer months we will be hosting an insect hotel for them.

Garden Workout

Our weekly “Garden Workout” for the LIS community members and friends of our school
garden started in march. We are meeting every Tuesday from 9:00-10:30pm (time changes will be
shared with you in Classlist) in the school garden. Everybody is very welcome! Professional
guidance and hot coffee or tea will be provided.  This is a great chance to get to know
each other, exchange information and ideas and keep the beautiful garden oasis in shape.

Pflanze KlimaKultur!

Since march we are part of the citizen science project “Pflanze KlimaKultur!”. As a member
of the observation network we were chosen to be one of 25 gardens in Leipzig to design a
special bed in our garden for certain plants which we will observe for the next 2 years every
week. The aim of this worldwide project is to analyze how the climate change is affecting our

Spring Cleaning & Family Picnics

In march we were organizing a big spring clean in the garden. We combined it with a family
picnic and invited families from the Ukraine as well. The event was a big success and
everybody was very happy to be back meeting in person. A huge THANK YOU to all of you
who contributed their help, food, drinks, activities, music and good mood! The garden was
sparkling with all this happy people inside!!! Check our latest article in the LIS OBSERVER.


World Bee Day will be celebrated at LIS on May 20th. SAVE THE DATE!!!
From 3-5pm there will be a Farmers Market, Fun Activities, a Snack Bar & a concert on the school yard.
From 5pm-8pm everybody is invited to join our Family Picknick and Open Garden Stage in the
school garden. BYOB  and some Fingerfood! We hope to see you!
All information to be found here.

Rockery Garden Corner

Michael Steger started to work on the Rockery Garden Corner in our school garden. He
donated all his plants and manpower to make our garden even more interesting. Let us know if
you would like to learn more about how to design a rockery garden! We always need helping
hands  You might drop us an email to

Habitat Board

One of our new features in the school garden is the habitat board. A very simple installation
with a hopefully big outcome. If we are lucky a lot of worms will find their home underneath
and can be carefully observed by our students.

Garden Explorers

Our weekly afternoon activity is starting on 25 April. Lots of students signed up to help us
get ready for the new season! We are happy to welcome them and have a good time while
seeding, planting, harvesting, selling goods on the farmers market and enjoying little

New Articles in the LIS OBSERVER

It is always worth it to have a glimpse into the LIS OBSERVER – our online school magazine.
Also, the school garden section has some new articles to offer. Thank you to Liane and Nina
who were so kind to share their experiences & thoughts with us.

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