School Garden News

Bird Food Donation

It`s wintertime again and our birdies in the garden are waiting for a feast. We would be happy if you would support the school garden by donating bird food (sunflower seeds, peanuts, oat flakes, bird food mixes). You can buy it in almost every supermarket. You can drop of your donations in the little box next to the reception desk. Thank you very very much! The birds will be happy!

Plant Donation

We got a huge donation of plants and stones from Michael from the neighborhood. He had to give up his rockery garden (Steingarten) and was happy to find a new home in our garden. He will be joining us in spring to design a rockery garden in our school garden. Stay tuned and join us!

Garden Workout

Thank you to everybody who help cleaning the garden in autumn from all the leaves which came down from the oak trees. It is massive every year!!!! We are having a winter break. And if the weather is a bit warmer, we will meet again starting in march. Enjoy the winter months!!!

Garden Library

A great collection of books connected to gardening; crafting & nature can be found in our school library. Contact Ms. Carol and she will help you to find them there.
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Farmers Market

Due to the raising numbers of COVID 19 cases and the restrictions we cannot host a Farmers Market right now. We hope to be able to organize community events again very soon!!!! But Ms. Gitte is in touch with secondary teachers to find a way how to combine the service learning and the organization of the Farmers Market to develop lots of other ways to continue with this great way of collecting financial support for the garden also in times of Corona.

New School Year - New CAS Projects Available

Hey students! Are you still looking for a great opportunity for your CAS Experience or Project? We have a lot of ideas how you can help us developing the school garden to an even greater space. Get in touch!

"Garden Explorer"

Thank you to all the primary students who signed up for Term 1!!! You were a great help in the school garden. Thank you also to Ms. DiTheresa who joined the team with her excellent energy!!! We will continue in Term 3. See you then!!

CAS Project: Compost Area – Finished!!!

Pascal and Elliot from Grade 12 finished to build the new compost area. Unfortunately, the weather was to wet to give it a good protection paint. We will continue with the project in April and start to use it in the coming summer period. We are really excited to produce lots of good soil!!! Thank you, Pascal and Elliot, to take over this project!!!

CAS Project: Designing a New Fence

Mariam, Valentina, Hannah and Veerle from Year 11 are currently working on ideas to make our fence more creative and inviting. They are very keen to involve the primary pupils in the project as well. So stay tuned!

New Articles in our School Magazine OBSERVER

There are some new articles in the school garden section of our school magazine. Many thanks to Anne Snel who contributed one of these articles and to Jennifer Pitchard who provided the inspiration for the second article. Have a look:



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