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Katja, Städteportal Stadtschleicher, June 2022

A school garden is holistic learning with all the senses. A voyage of discovery through nature teaches many things - including that you reap what you sow. Learning with head, heart and hand. Well done!

Yvonne, LIS parent, March 2022:
Dear Gitte, I would just like to quickly share with you the effect the school garden has had on me. After months of dark, cold weather with so many contact restrictions in place the last few days in your school garden have been a real game changer for my first impressions of life in Leipzig. I thank you so much for your welcoming and warm demeanor and for making this lovely and peaceful garden a place for us to meet and chat and get our hands dirty if we feel like it. What a gem to have as a school!

Doris, LIS parent, July 2021
... The LIS Garden has been a huge inspiration to me, and in particular my career. Having read Botany, and Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation for my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, respectively, as well as having trained as a certified Social Healthcare Worker, and Health Coach, the LIS Garden has enabled me to reconnect with like-minded people who nurture nature for economic, social and environmental benefits....

Anna, student of LIS, July 2021
... this year I will start Secondary School. In my time in primary school I had many chances to join the school garden. In grade 1 we often went to the school garden to plant every kind of plants. In grade 4 I discovered that there was school gardening as a after school activity. I thought I would try something new. After a few times I really enjoyed it.  Every time I was excited to go and plant some new plants. During the time in the school garden I found out a lot about new plants and their names. In the garden I really enjoyed harvesting many plants like strawberries and potatoes and then eating them together with the others! We try to make the garden as nice as possible but of course we need money for that. So every year together with Gitte we organize a Farmers Market where we sell lots of stuff like plants or homemade chutney! I really enjoy selling things at this market and talk to the “customers”. I think all schools should have a school garden because it gives you a chance to be in nature and learn about many different plants! If I were to be a teacher, I would take my class to the garden for 1 or 2 lessons every day so everyone can get fresh air.
In secondary I would love to have a chance to stop by and just help out now and then!...

Anne, former LIS teacher, September 2020:
...I liked helping out in the school garden whenever volunteers were needed. It gave me the chance to reconnect to nature, do something with my hands and give back to the LIS community. I was always dreaming of having my own farming land and growing lots of food for me and my family. Working in the LIS school garden gave me the chance to experience how much work that actually is and how much knowledge it requiresJ Yes, the school garden and all the inspiration which come with it had a profound effect on me...

Anneke, Friend of LIS, Juni 2020:
...the garden has become an unexpected place of reflection, which always brings you out of the pressures of perfection and gives you strength and peace of mind, while you surrender to nature, which has delightful miracles every time I visit... The moments I have experienced in gardening seem to be what helps me to find my inner balance...

Eulalia, former LIS parent, November 2020:
Dear Garden Community friends, as I pack up (frantically), I think of the holiday that is celebrated in the US today: Thanksgiving. I wanted to say farewell and express my gratitude to all of you for the welcoming space, the smiles, the community of the School Garden. It is a place that gave me lots of belonging in Leipzig and for that I am very grateful. Keep it up and in a future trip to Leipzig I hope to surprise you on a Tuesday and greet you all, as well as our official Garden Baby! Be well and happy day of Thanksgiving!

Tamar, former LIS parent, July 2019:
...I am proud to have been part of a group of LIS parents and teachers, who created an unparalleled resource for our children—a place where they have planted and harvested vegetables, where they have learned to make pesto and lavender oil, and where they can simply be outdoors surrounded by the sights and sounds of a garden on a beautiful day...

Lien, former student of LIS, June 2019:
...I am so grateful for this amazing CAS experience - creating pages for the Garden Journal. It was I think my first experience, which was more-long-term and I was surprised to find myself motivated the whole time. I think part of it was thanks to the wonderful cooperation with the leader of the School Garden Project, Ms. Vogel-Sirin. She provided the framework, and together we contributed ideas, which then all poured into the sketches, revision and feedback, and finally the finished pages...

Britta, LIS secondary teacher, September 2018
I think it's really nice to be outside, to enjoy the greenery and to be able to catch some fresh air! I think the students feel the same way. They always want to go outside. In German, we mainly read and discussed there or acted out small scenes. That went really well. I think the idea of a small stage is great, especially for presentations and performances.

A Garden Tour with Gitte

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